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General Information about -Covid 19- rapid antigen tests


when is a corona rapid test recommended for private use?

A Covid-19 rapid antigen test is recommended whenever you come into contact with people from high-risk groups. It reduces the risk that you will unknowingly infect others without corona symptoms. Before meeting family or friends, a antigen test can minimize the risk of infection.

what types of corona rapid tests are there – and what are the differences?

There are three types of Corona rapid tests:
PCR test, antigen test and the antibody test. The PCR test is the standard procedure and is considered to be particularly informative and reliable with regard to the detection of a corona infection. 

In the meantime, the PCR test is also available in a self-test and a rapid test variant, which uses a mobile analysis device and eliminates the need to send the sample to a laboratory. Private PCR rapid test centers that test for coronavirus within one hour can be found on the Internet by searching “PCR rapid test + your city.” A PCR test that is intended to provide proof of health must still only be evaluated by trained personnel. Corona rapid test for home use – results in minutes
In contrast to the PCR test, the antigen and antibody tests are suitable for home use as corona rapid tests – although they offer somewhat less certainty. Like the PCR test, the antigen test requires a swab or saliva sample. The sample is applied to a test strip or cassette – discoloration indicates when protein traces of the corona virus are present. The result is available within minutes. The coronavirus antibody test works in yet another way: Since it is designed to detect antibodies, the procedure indicates whether there has been an infection with the corona virus in the past and, if so, whether there is immunity (however, this has not yet been scientifically proven). The test requires a minimal amount of blood from the fingertip – as is familiar from medical examinations. Any antibodies present become visible on a test strip.

buy a corona rapid test: which one is right for me?
If you can plan a little longer in advance and want a reliable result, the PCR test is the right choice. If you need a quick result or prefer ease of use, you are well served with an antigen test. 

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But please note: The antigen test is somewhat error-prone. However, false negative or false positive test results, which can sometimes occur, can be easily validated by repeating the test. If two tests in quick succession produce the same result, this may be considered confirmed. If the test result is positive, retesting with a PCR test is recommended. To avoid infection, it is also recommended to isolate yourself until a negative test result is obtained.

are all covid-19 rapid tests suitable as proof of health?
If you need proof of health, for example for a trip, Corona rapid tests for home use are not suitable for this. The reason is that they are easily susceptible to errors. Only a PCR test, performed by trained personnel, meets the safety requirement

what quality criteria should i look for?
Currently, there are many products available for purchase for the Corona rapid test. Make sure that you only use products that are certified and approved for private use. This can be easily recognized by the CE mark and a test number on the packaging. 

which corona rapid tests does MRI-tec offer?
We do have rapid tests in our product range. Click here.

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