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MRI Audio Sound System

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MRI audio sound systems are a must-have for MRI patients. Our headphones provide 29 decibels of noise cancelation and high quality music for the perfect distraction during stressful, enclosed scans that can be intimidating or even claustrophobic for many patients.

  • Music is a smoothing distraction that helps minimize patient movement.
  • Average machine down time can result in a loss of $60k to $120k per year, per machine.
  • 10-15% of scans that need to be re-done are due to movement. Children and people with disabilities are higher.
  • product has been fully tested and approved using the highest quality standards in 510k certification.
  • For those who listened to music during previous scans, 85% said their ability to listen to music was better with MRIaudio.
  • Microphone will override music in patient’s headphones to give technologist direct communication.
  • 86% of MRI patients believed custom music was a valuable feature.

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