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Lsens-R Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

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‚- Industrial use with rigid polyimide tip, 1.7 mm diameter
– Rugged tip ideal for industrial application
– Complete immunity to EMI/RFI/lightning
– High vibration environments

Recommended for hostile environment where it is exposed to high vibration and immunity to electric fields is mandatory

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Product Summary

A multiuse fiber optic temperature sensor designed for a wide range of applications, especially for the use in
demanding applications. The sensor oers complete immunity to RFI, EMI, NMR and microwave radiation. The standard
temperature sensor has a response time of 0.2 s. With a standard deviation of +/-0.2 °C it allows for precise and
repeatable measurements. The coating of the temperature sensor is made of PTFE, and the fiber tip has a diameter of
1.7 mm with Rugged Polyimide coating and has a stainless steel ST-connector. For mechanical stability and applications
e.g. in oil special protective coatings and hoses are available. The fiber optic probe consists of a PTFE protected glass
fiber and a GaAs-crystal (Gallium Arsenide) at the sensor tip. It is totally free of metal and immune to external fields,
therefore probes are explicitly suitable for the use in high temperature ranges as well as in aggressive operating
environments. The sensor cable can be from several meters to kilometers long without influencing the accuracy of the
measurement result. Other sensor lengths and connector types are available upon request.


– Industrial process control and monitoring applications
– High voltage environments
– Harsh and Hazardous environments
– Temperature measurements conducted in confined spaces,bhazardous or strong EMI/RFI/MRI environments
– Wood drying industry


– Sensors do not require any recalibration
– No shift over time, high stability
– Robust packaging
– Each sensor comes with a complete test certification
– Robust fiber optic temperature sensor
– Available in dierent cables and sheath options
– Customizable according to customer specific
– Suitable for OEM-type applications.

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