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E-Field Exposure System (64, 128 and 298 MHz)

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Benchtop MR Safety Testing 

+ fast track in-house evaluation R&D of medical
devices according to ASTM and ISO MR Safety testing standards
+ and final ISO17025 accredited 3rd party testing - FDA and Notified Body compliant

Next generation MR RF safety testing is arrived in the laboratory practice! Together with our partner MR:comp we are offering with its 20 years’ experience a fully new testing strategy and licensing package for passive device and AIMD implant and medical device manufacturer.

Automized testing with our:

- patented large area homogeneous & easy
access E-field exposure systems (64, 128 and 298 MHz),
- robotic system E-field and temperature probe scans along the implant with high resolution for low uncertainty- data handling and post processing for ASTMF2182 and ISO10974 Tier2 and Tier3,PC76
- implant manufacturer in-house license under roof of MR:comp ISO 17025 quality management and accredited testing methods
with continuous updates on standards and methods
- set-up and training sessions plus MR Safety Specialist (MRSS) course

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