Optimizing Human Head MR at 3T, 7T and Higher Fields

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Advanced head MR at 3T and higher fields,
particularly of temporal and frontal lobes
fMRI BOLD, susceptibility weighted
imaging and other methods that derive
contrast from T2 weighting
High resolution MR spectroscopy


• Proprietary technology prevents shim to gradient
coil coupling during pulsing sequences
• Improves data in non-axial orientations in true 3D
• Generous bore size easily accommodates complex
  RF coils, including multi transmitter arrays
• Short bore design does not interfere with patients’
• Mechanically compatible with most commercial
• Insert installation or removal can be performed in
  approximately 20 minutes
• High shimming efficiency at low power levels
• Can be supplied with matching high bandwidth
  shim amplifiers, compatible with commercial
• Expands the capabilities of standard scanners

The VHOS can be installed in most commercial
scanners without requiring major hardware
modifications. Installation requirements and
procedures vary depending on the scanner type
and make. Water cooling is required.