MR compatible Doppler ultrasound system - smart sync

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smart-sync is a MR compatible Doppler ultrasound system, 
which synchonizes the cardiac cycle with the MR image acquisition ("Gating").
It provides a reliable and undisturbed gating signal independet from the used field strength.

smart-sync unlocks for the first time fetal cardiac gating for clinical routine enabling high quality cardiac imaging with anatomical and functional information.

At the same time, smart-sync can be used for all other cardiac MR scans and patient groups that require cardiac gating such as paediatric and adult cardivascular MR imaging.

Sensor Box

The Sensor Box is the core of smart-sync and can be used for 1.5 T and 3 T. The cardiovascular motion is detected using Doppler ultrasound of the Doppler effect, the Sensor Box detects any kind of cardiac motion.
The are of application is defined by the kind of ultrasound transducer.

If adult cardiac gating is desired, the adult transducer is used. If you want to perform fetal cardiac gating, the fetals transducer is used.

The Sensor Box is wirelessly connected to a specially designed Connector Box to enable an easy wireless integration into every MR System of all vendors.


To verify easily a correct signal and gating for improving the workflow, the Sensor Box is equipped with a Display on top of it.
On the Display the waveform is shown to ensure the correct detecting of the heartbeat. The trigger is also shown exactly to the moment where the trigger is sent wirelessly to the MRI. The Display also showas the wireless connection status.

Connector Box 

The Connector Box enables the connection to any MR System with smart-sync. The Sensor Box transmits all necessary information to the Connector Box.
The Connector Box is specifially designed to match the needs of every MR System to integrate smart-sync in an easy and effective way.


Finding the heart of a fetus can be be challenging but time is limited in clinical routine.
To enable an effective and proven method to locate the fetal heart we have developed a special MR compatible headphone to listen the audio signal of the beating heart.

Charging Station

smart-sync is battery powered and wireless. The charging Station ensures a reliable storage place for the Sensor Box and the ultrasound trasnducer. It also functions as your on/off button.

Product Versions

Fetal Transducer:
specifially designed for the demanding callenge of a reliable fetal heartbeat detection

Adult Transducer: specifically designed fo an easy and fast placement to detect the adult heartbeat

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