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Illuminations-Motion MR 1

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             ·         Gantry animations available for CT Scan, PET/CT, MRI, PET/MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Linear Accelerators. Wall, ceiling or floor                            animations available for any imaging or healthcare space.

·         Vibrant animations come “alive” on the gantry, wall(s), ceiling or floor (available in a one, two or three projection configuration).

·         Customizable and flexible software allows the patient to choose which animated environment they would like to experience during their exam.

·         Animations include beautiful nature images, pediatric images, holiday images, patient education and much more.

·         By using a “Netflix” type subscription, the facility may change out the animations available as often as they choose. Volumes of animations and still images are available to meet every patient choice.

·         Can be added to existing equipment or part of new construction and equipment acquisition.

·         Vendor neutral allowing system to be used on any vendor’s equipment.

·         No hardware touches the equipment gantry allowing for ease of equipment service and maintenance.