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 Many MRI environments are currently at risk for an adverse event. They include:

  • Facilities with deficient ACR 4-zone layouts, common corridors leading into MRI rooms and CT/MRI room overlaps
  • Complex-case environments where multi-functional staff is present, such as transportation staff, anesthesiologists and trauma team
  • Staffing situations where technologists find themselves working alone in the suite
  • Facilities where unauthorized visitors (such as family members) may directly or inadvertently access the MRI room
  • Outpatient facilities where MRI technologists have expanded duties
  • Environments where other types of MRI warning signs have failed



TechGate features

  •  Modular robotic arms to provide a physical protective barrier that fits any door configuration or swing


  •  Rapid, breakaway feature for emergency access
  •  On-demand, secure remote control operation


  •  Self-installed in minutes; plugs into standard electrical outlet
  •  Brilliant LED warning signage


  •  Customized messaging and color options
  •  Intuitive, deployment safety sensors


  •  Small door side footprint, 8.5” x 21”