Silent Scan Model SS-3300 Audio System with built in Radio

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The SS-3200 system adds three fMRI specific features to the SS-3000 system; mode selection, third octave (OTO) filter bank, and audio calibration.

Four functional modes can be selected: clinical, functional, X10 gain, and test. In the clinical mode, the sound level output can be changed with the console volume control. In the functional mode, there is a fixed sound pressure level gain setting for the system, so the sound level output is effectively controlled by varying the input signal level; this allows for precise and repeatable sound pressure level settings .In thex10 input mode, a gain of 10 is applied to the input signal level; this feature is supplied to assist with the sometimes anemic outputs of computer sound cards. The test mode outputs a fixed gain, 1 Khz test tone that can be used for setting reference levels.

The third octave (OTO) filter bank is factory adjusted to give a flat frequency response (+/- 4dB) across the operating range . This makes the design of your audio stimulation that much simpler. Additionally, the SS-3200 system is calibrated so you know what the SPL is as a function of input frequency and amplitude.