Silent Scan Model SS-3200 Audio System with built in Radio

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Silent Scan® offers:

Hearing Protection…. for Patient Comfort, because protection against gradient noise is the major complaint of MRI patients. Two different headsets for flexibility in hearing protection choices.

Communication… for Patient Comfort, because MRI patients have great anxiety about their exams. Silent Scan's® built-in microphone relieves stress with crystal clear communication between you and your patients.

Music…for Patient Comfort, because a comforting influence sets the tone for the success of your patients' visits. Silent Scan® headsets offer genuine hearing protection, so the highest quality sound can be enjoyed at a comfortable listening level.

Silent Scan®….for Patient Safety, because Silent Scan® headsets are inherently MR inert. No need to worry about patient safety, MR artifacts, or reduction in SNR.

Patient Comfort is ... Hearing Protection
Patient comfort starts with protection against gradient noise, the major complaint of MRI patients. Two different headsets mean flexibility in hearing protection choices; the full coverage headset fits most head coils, while the stethoscopic headset can be used for very confining coils. The new Scan-Lock Plus™connector and tubing assembly makes changing headsets a quick and simple operation.


Patient Comfort is ... Communication :
MRI patients have great anxiety about their exams, and their ability to clearly communicate with you goes a long way towards relieving that stress. Silent Scan's ® specially designed headsets have a built-in microphone channel that allows crystal clear communication between you and your patients.  Yelling or repetition never occurs, because you and your patient will easily understand each other. 


Communication Console:  
Silent Scan's® communication console has a flexible gooseneck microphone that is designed for the technologist's comfort. Since you no longer have to bend over to speak into an intercom, and the gooseneck microphone is always within easy reach, communication with your patients is effortless.


Patient Alarm System :
For your very claustrophobic patients, Silent Scan® has a built-in patient alarm  system. The alarm consists of a simple, hand held rubber squeeze bulb, that when actuated by your patient, triggers an audible alarm at the communication console. Just the existence of the alarm can be comforting, and its ability to alert you to a panicky patient is a great aid to both parties.