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Medical Device MR Safety Specialist

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MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, San Francisco, Washington - "Medical Device MR Safety Specialist" - MR Safety and Compatibility of Medical Devices

Please send you registration request to seminar@mrcomp.com.

MR:comp GmbH is offering the following seminar to you:

The seminar is especially designed for the MR safety technical interests of auditors and quality/regulatory affairs managers, product and sales managers, R&D managers/engineers, MR physicists, MRI technologists, radiographers, radiologists.

Program including new ASTM F2182-11a RF-heating test method and issues about the MR worker (IEC 60601-2-33 3rd edition)! 

Seminar day 1 (9:00 to 19:15):

Basics of physics and technical aspects of magnet resonance tomography

Hardware (static magnetic field, gradient and RF fields)

Physics (image generation, contrasts, artefacts, etc.)

Research & trends

Hands-on course "Basics of MR imaging", 4 h lessons MR system handling 

Experience the interactions within the static magnetic field!

Precautions and behaviour in the MR environment (staff & items)

Various experiments: MR imaging (contrasts, artefacts, etc.)



Seminar day 2 (8:45 to 18:30):

MR safety, the MR system and the MR worker – IEC 60601-2-33

Requirements of the MR system and the MR environment

MR safety and compatibility of medical devices I

Interactions of items and medical devices with the MR environment

Current standards & guidelines

Hands on course: MR safety

RF-induced heating experiment

MRI from clinical view  

Diagnostic & therapy

Surgery & interventions (biopsies, ablations (RF, laser), etc.)

Robotics, navigation, visualisation of implants/ instruments


Hands on course: MR interventions 2,5 lessons

MR-guided biopsy

Final discussion  and Get together dinner


Seminar day 3 (8:45 to 12:00):

MR safety and compatibility of medical devices II

Finding the "worst-case"

Labeling of the medical devices for the MR environment

Assessment of MR safety for patients with active implantable medical devices

ISO/TS 10974: Requirements for active implantable medical devices

Potential physical relevance for passive devices

Final discussion

More Information: www.mrcomp.com/medical-device-mr-safety-specialist-germany2.html