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Our OptiSLM sound level metering (SLM) systems bring advanced, innovative monitoring capabilities to MRI facilities and other settings where conventional SLM instruments are not suitable.

OptiSLM brings excellent, real-time measurement capabilities for environmental monitoring, enabling dynamic microphone calibrations before and during MRI sessions.

We offer two OptiSLM models:

 OptiSLM 100A (for mounting inside ear defender)
 OptiSLM 100B (for installation in MRI scanner room)

OptiSLM Features

 Compact, self-contained, passive measuring device, compatible for use 
   with Optimic™ microphones
 Enables environmental measurements for standard A and C weightings at 
   up to 140 dB
 Complete EMI/RFI immunity means no effect on MR imaging
 Operates over distances of 100 meters and greater
 Option available for operation at high temperatures