Rundstrahlendes Mikrophon für Schalldruckpegelbeobachtung

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Our Optimic™ fiber optical microphone is ideal for high sound pressure level (SPL) monitoring in MRI and other excessive noise environments. Optoacoustics’ unique MEMS design makes this the only commercial microphone that can be used during an MRI scan inside a patient’s ear defender or anywhere in the scanner room.

We offer two Optimic™ configurations:

 Optimic™ 1150 (55 – 140 dB)
 Optimic™ 2150 (55 – 140 dB, ruggedized)

Optimic™ Features

 Small, lightweight MEMS design
 Linear response of up to 140 dB
 Excellent sound accuracy at high SPL
 Complete EMI/RFI immunity means no effect on
   MR imaging
 Electrical insulation at high voltages
 Wide frequency range
 Enables optical fiber lengths from 20 to 100 meters
   without signal loss