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FerroGuard® MRI alarm system located at the entrance to the MRI suite could drastically reduce the likelihood of a major ‘projectile effect’ incident. FerroGuard® gives a visual and an audible alarm to alert staff to the presence of ferromagnetic material as they approach the MRI suite. It will allow staff to pass by with MRI safe ferrous free metallic objects without alarming.

The FerroGuard® Freestanding system has been engineered with flexibility in mind, allowing for rapid deployment into any facility, whatever the layout. While other products may be limited to installations, fixed in the area of the MR suite doorway. Ferroguard’s free-standing design allows for siting in any location and in multiple configurations. Flexibility in siting is paramount in order to maximise the response time to an alarm before a potentially dangerous object is brought into a strong magnetic field. Having an alarm system mounted around the doorway when the MR room is small can sometimes be too late to prevent dangerous objects being taken into the room. In addition, false positive alarms generated by ferrous components located in typical RF shielded doors are mitigated by freeing the installation from the door frame.

FerroGuard® Freestanding has multiple sensitivity settings allowing for custom deployment and incorporation into existing screening protocols. The system can be set to alarm on only those objects of significant ferromagnetic composition and high susceptibility to projectile forces immediately outside the MRI suite entrance way. Alternatively Ferroguard® Freestanding may be deployed in a Pre-screening mode and positioned in the changing room area to scan patients for smaller ferrous objects such as keys and coins.

FerroGuard® Freestanding is powered through a standard 110V electrical outlet but has a battery backup for power outages that can operate the system for up to 24hrs. This battery backup guarantees performance in the event of power loss or emergency situations but also allows for deployment into areas that do not possess convenient electrical service

FerroGuard® Wall Mounted System
The Wall Mounted FerroGuard® system is a highly flexible system that is easily installed either side of an MRI doorway or in the corridor leading to an MRI room. It is an unobtrusive unit that does not restrict access space and is designed to alarm on ferrous objects that could cause serious “projectile effect” incidents.