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Optisches MR Kommunikationssystem IMROC

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Optoacoustics' Interventional MR Optical Communication System (IMROC™) is the only system that enables doctors in iMRI environments to work smoothly and quietly, speaking freely with both technicians and patients.
Designed for today's advanced MRI suites, IMROC supports up to eight concurrent dialogs, eliminating gradient noise and providing previously unheard voice quality.

A true technological achievement, the IMROC system integrates for the first time breakthroughs in acoustic transducers developed specifically for high-field MRI environments, state-of-the-art digital signal processing and lightweight fiber optical headphones. With its multi-channel adaptive noise reduction and echo cancellation, IMROC brings hands-free, full duplex communications between MRI scanner and control rooms.

IMROC is being used today at the forefront of research and treatment at the world's leading iMRI facilities and is completely safe.

Remember when it was simple to talk? IMROC makes MRI communications that simple again.

IMROC System Components

 Fiber Optical Headset. Self-hearing and equipped
   with slim ear defenders (patent-pending).
 FOMRI II Microphone. The industry standard
   for MRI environments, with real time adaptive
   noise cancelling.
 Optical Switching Unit. Worn by each staff
   member to enable instant control.
 Electro-Optical Unit. Robust heart of the
   IMROC system.
 Mixing & Control Console. Enables six-channel
   communications management from the
   control room.
 Stereo Sound System. IMROC features a MP4
   stereo entertainment system to make patient
   comfort complete.

Key Applications

 Interventional MRI
 Intraoperative and diagnostic MRI
 Neurosurgical MRI